Flora E MPM
RCA Brasil 1964
Butterfly Dreams
Milestone 1974
500 Miles High
Milestone 1974
Stories to Tell
Milestone 1974
Open Your Eyes
You Can Fly

Milestone 1976
Milestone 1976
Nothing Will Be
As it Was Tomorrow

Warner Brothers 1977

Everyday Everynight
Warner Brothers 1978
That's What She Said
Milestone 1978
Carry On
Warner Brothers 1979
The Midnight Sun
Virgin 1988
Queen of the Night
Sound Wave 1992

Speed of Light
B+W Music 1995
Flora Purim Sings
Milton Nascimento

Narada 2000
Perpetual Emotion
Narada 2001
Speak No Evil
Narada 2003
Flora's Song
Narada 2005



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